About Us

 Co-Owner of Heel Swaps

How It All Started

Hello, I am Alexis, the creator and owner of Heel Swaps. I am an avid heel wearer so I know the problems women face when wearing heels. It's hard to find comfortable heels to match different outfits. I was tired of tripping in my heels and having sore feet at the end of the day. I did not want to have to struggle with finding a balance between beauty and comfort. I needed a way to give my comfortable worn out heels a fresh new look. That's how Heel Swaps was born.

Heel Swaps is a stretchable high heel shoe cover that contains:

A slip resistant out-sole

Comes in a variety of colors & patterns

Slips on in seconds

This patent pending product was designed to encompass the satisfaction of comfort, style and safety. What’s so great about Heel Swaps is that no one else knows it’s a shoe cover. Just slip it on. It’s that easy! Now you can match your comfortable heels to different outfits. Everyone always asks me how I’m always able to find shoes that go perfectly with every outfit. With Heel Swaps, that's my little secret.

Stay Stylish and Have Fun!