How It Works

Heel Swaps is a quality product that you can wear confidently every day knowing that it will stay in place throughout the entire day. No one will ever notice that you are wearing a cover up. Try one pair and you will want to collect the whole set. Start your collection today!


                                           Quality                                                                                                                                                                   Economical and Easy to Use


                                      Made from durable, water-resistant fabric                                                                                          Value Priced at $19.99 per pair


                                      Slip resistant traction pad acts as an outsole                                                                                       Expands shoe wardrobe while saving space and money


                                      Stretches snuggly around the entire shoe and stays in place all day                                      Slips on in seconds




  Comes in a variety of colors

                 Works on most high heel shoe styles

     Style 1 fits heel heights 1” to 3”

              Style 2 fits heel heights 3 1/2” to 7"

  Fits shoe sizes 5 to 12 


                              Heel Swaps is an Award Winning Product of 2014                                                                                   Heel Swaps is a Dream Big America Winner of 2015